Johnny Clegg

The countdown to take off continues with a couple great videos to view before we go.
Johnny Clegg is one of South Africa’s best known performers who has championed human rights. During apartheid, concerts of his racially mixed bands Jaluka and Savuka were broken up, he was arrested, and his music was not given airplay on the major [white] radio stations. He trained as a cultural anthropologist at University of Witswaterand and became deeply interested in, then mastered Zulu traditional street dances. Because of his mastery of the dance and his dedication and respect for traditional Zulu culture, he has been called the white Zulu. His song “Asimbonanga” (in Zulu “we have not seen him”) calls for the release of Mandela from prison. Here are a few favorites.

Another good one from a live concert:

This was played at Nelson Mandela’s inauguration: