Day 1: David Krut and Constitution Hill

Whoa. Day one feels like a week.

We started out at David Krut Gallery where we heard from Luke, Jill, Ciara, Lungi, and Jacqueline about their Printshop and educational programs.  Lungi showed us how to cut linoleum while running some editions of a William Kentridge print. Jill pulled out all kinds of print projects in process and explained how they have to import their own art supplies.  Luke and Jacqueline left us totally inspired with their commitment to art education as they detailed the Taxi Art Outreach Project and the ways in which the staff at David Krut is helping to encourage and support South African art-making. To top it all off, we got a sneak peak of William Kentridge’s studio!

After a pit stop for broccoli soup at Uncle Merv’s we hopped over to Constitution Hill where Lorraine gave us an incredible tour.  We placed white rocks at the Women’s Prison, hunted for graffiti in Number 4, and imagined ourselves under the “tree of justice” at the Constitutional Court (where we also checked out their impressive art gallery).

Meandering back through rush hour traffic we watched a lovely winter sunset and picked up groceries to make Chelsie’s pasta specialty back in our apartments.  The night slipped away as we debrief the day (layers of memories, the meaning of art for social change, favorite moments, and the people we met) and planned for our Documentation Projects (individual stories, understanding other people’s views of moments/places, memory, and perserving culture).

No wonder we’re tired.