Necessity of creation

As Jacqui Masiza mentioned today during our visit to Artist Proof Studio, “In printmaking you almost work in reverse.” You have to think into the future. The whole process is all building up to and anticipating that magical moment when all of your meticulous work manifests into that final print.  It’s the sense of purpose and accomplishment that only an artist truly understands through creating a tangible object out of the visions and ideas in your head.  It’s about creating a permanent home for the fleeting thoughts that are constantly circulating through your mind.

Beatnik poet Allen Ginsberg was once asked if he would continue to write if he knew no one would ever read it and his response has always moved me.  He said, “I would write even if I were on a desert island because I seek to bring to life the world that exists only in my head.”

OK, so maybe I paraphrased his quote a bit, but I think I’ve made my point.