Today was a day of beginnings. The Origins Center took us back to the beginning of all mankind. It’s incredible visual and interactive displays have been in operation since 2006. But more importantly our guide Brian (Yankee) was an incredible wealth of knowledge on every aspect of this museum. He definitely knows his museum from the security gate when you enter the complex to every exhibit room all the way through to the final room which explains initiation ceremonies which are a dying tradition but still practiced. What a beautiful way to combine moving South Africa forward while still keeping tradition alive.

“We are who we are because of who we were.”


After that it was the Wits Art Museum which just began its life in its knew home. We were shown all areas including the large amounts of South African art that is still being unpacked. Once again the graciousness and willingness to give their time to us is incredible. Fiona, who must wear at least ten hats, thank you !!