Day 4: Soweto, SKY, and the Hector Pieterson Museum

Some days can’t be easily tied up in words.  Like today.

Starting with a little morning dose of Sarafina music we set off for Soweto.  First stop: Freedom Square in Kliptown, where the Freedom Charter was signed in 1955.  Vusi took us through and eventually handed us off to Simi and Bob of the Soweto Kliptown Youth program (SKY).  Several hours later we had been audience members at a performance, attentive students of Bob’s tour of the youth center, new friends with a group of youth, and adoring fans of the arts center SKY was building.

After a quick picnic lunch we delved into the Hector Pieterson Memorial Museum for a historical overview of the June 1976 uprisings over the Bantu Education system.  With education very much on our minds, we discussed the role of schools, museums, textbooks, and communities in rebuilding a society through learning and teaching.  So much to take it.  Before we knew it, the sun was setting…


One thought on “Day 4: Soweto, SKY, and the Hector Pieterson Museum

  1. So good to hear you were able to meet with Bob and to learn more of his inspiring work .
    Terrific work with your blogging! –Best wishes, Kurt and Marsha

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