Day 5: Goodbye Joburg, Hello Animals!

On the road…

Friday morning we piled some happy and sleepy campers into the van for the drive out to Kruger Park.  Six hours later we stopped just short of the border to Mozambique at the Croc River Lodge, our weekend home.  Stunned by the view, we cooked a delicious pasta dinner and counted the hippos.

Listening to the sound of mystery animals grunting in the very near distance, we rehashed our

View from Croc River Lodge…look close for hippos!

experiences in Johannesburg via our five senses: the smells of exhaust, rotten air, sweat, printing ink, fires burning, and food cooking; the sounds of lyrical accents, clicks, honking, birds outside our windows, “any questions”, singing at SKY, Bob’s quotes (When life gives you lemons…), whispering, pencils on journals, and Brian’s voice; the tastes of local mussels, the value of food, mentos, dry mouths, exhaust, rooibos tea, and pb&j; the sights of street signs, red sunsets, people, people, people (especially all along the road), the process of printmaking, highways, and people seeing us; and the touch of handshakes, heated beds, the hologram of the oldest art, Diane Victor’s print, and the graffiti on the doors in Number 4.

Holding onto so many Joburg memories of art making and in hopes of seeing our favorite animals, we learned two printmaking techniques–collagraph and engraving.  We each conjured up the animals we wanted to see by making prints of them.  We created our own inks and tools from what we had found at the supermarket to create a safari of elephants, giraffe, cats, owls, and rhino.  Then it was off to bed to prepare for a VERY early morning.