Day 6: Sunrise, sunset

Rise and shine.

We were up well before the sun rose to get in line at the Crocodile River Gate to Kruger National Park.  As the sun peaked over the mountains in Mozambique, we turned a corner and saw our first animal–one of the Big Five, no less–a Cape Buffalo having breakfast!  From that moment on, it was one animal after another…giraffe, zebra, warthogs, elephants!, hippos, hippos, hippos, impala, impala, impala, kudu (tasty!), baboons, and finally, a leopard right by our car!






We had a delightful breakfast in the park and spent the day cruising through the bush on the prowl for animals. After driving ourselves all day, we let some trained guides take over for a sunset drive in a (brisk) open jeep.  We barely went 10 minutes before we came upon a scene straight from a movie: giraffe, elephants, and a rhino family all enjoying a fine African sunset.  It doesn’t get much better.