The lion sleeps tonight.


Until June 28th, the only place I had seen a baboon, warthog, or giraffe was on the big screen in Lion King. This all changed, however, during our visit to Kruger Park this morning. We woke up before the sun, drowsily piled into the van, and set sail for the national park. The next 14 hours were spent driving through dirt roads surrounded by immense scenery and prowling wildlife. I know this all, of course, because I stayed awake the entire time. I promise there were no mid-morning naps in the back of the van. (OK, maybe one or two.)

Unfortunately, the wild lions apparently decided to get a little too wild on Friday night and therefore decided to sleep through our visit. Good thing we’ve already made plans to revisit the park someday soon. And next time, we’re bringing kitty litter.

Better start working on your lion-conjuring-skills, team!