And so it begins.

We’ve officially made it to Cape Town!

While I’ve been told recurrently for the past few months that Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world, it was not until our gallivant through the city this morning that I began repeating these words myself.

I had also been hearing that the sun is nearly nonexistent at this time of year, so I made sure to bundle up before we left Sea Point. In the van on the way to Streetwires, I lead the others in a rousing round of the Hawaiian Sun Chant. (And let me tell you, for what we lack in lion conjuring skills we more than make up for in sun summoning skills.) We took off our coats, took out our maps, and acquainted ourselves with our home for the next four weeks. Walking through the bright streets of downtown was just as exciting as walking through a museum. We were greeted by brightly colored houses (note: must still find out whether people are allowed to paint them any color they’d like, or if they first have to consult with the Cape Town Color Committee), steep and narrow streets littered with galleries, cafes, and shops (so much for that budget), and we even found our own town troubadour to follow us around for a bit while serenading us to “Build Me Up Buttercup.” The Foundations would be proud.

Next, it was time to test out our beading skills at Streetwires. It’s unbelievable that while the two small projects we worked on took us an hour and some change to finish, the crafters can complete them in a few minutes. You’d think us Americans would be quick with our fingers considering all the texting and remote control fondling we do, but I guess practice makes perfect.

Though it’s only day one, I already firmly believe Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I think I’ll stay.