Pete Maltbie


It was a beautiful day on our first day in Cape Town. After a foggy
morning, the clouds lifted and we were able to manage a city
orientation after visiting two extraordinary hot spots, Street Wires
and Monkey Bizz, two organizations that create exquisite bead art to
promote economic development. After the orientation, however, we then
decided to drop by artist Tracey Maltbie’s gallery space, a talented
textile artist who creates all types of patterned items with her
fabric ranging from pillows to notebooks. However, upon our search, we
got lost and pulled over to ask for directions. It just so turned out
that the man who we approached was coincidentally Tracey’s husband,
Pete Maltbie! While we were all happy to have asked the right person,
to our unfortunate surprise, he informed us that her gallery had
closed down. As we were all clearly disappointed with this news, Pete
then graciously offered a tour of his studio instead! Ecstatic over
this new opportunity, we spent some time with him that afternoon
learning about his craft, photography. As if we thought it had stopped
there, we ended up experiencing quite an adventure when he then
brought us into the storage area for all his wife’s textiles and
products and allowing us all to touch and look around! Generous as he
was, we will never forget meeting this kind hearted individual who at
the drop of a hat opened his home to us.