Back in action!!

So, after several days without internet it feels really good to be able to type a post that will actually be read!! I know that we all have so many exciting experiences and only about a million pictures to post, so I will start off with a foodie post about the lovely dinner we all made as a group the night before we left for Kruger national park.

Fancy dinner for some fancy people


Utilizing the few utensils at our disposal, we managed to whip up a pretty impression dinner. We all worked together and ended up creating a great mixed greens salad with avocado and peppers, pasta and red sauce with mozzarella cheese, with a side of blanched mixed veggies.




Eggs, toast, grilled tomato, and bacon that ended up on Nate’s plate.


I will save the amazing pictures and details of Kruger park for another post, but in the mean time here is a photo of the breakfast we had after a couple of hours driving through the park.