First day on the job

I don’t think today could have gone any better! I had already prepared myself to be content with any menial task given to me, but ended up being given the chance to do so much more. One of the supervisors had explained to me and Liza that there had been an infestation among a section of the collection in which they were not entirely confident of the contents of many of the boxes and that the project was taking up a great deal of their limited time and resources. It was from this point that we were literally thrown right into the project. Never having any experience in conservation, it felt great to experience hands-on learning from members of the conservation team. Our first day consisted of unpacking several boxes that had been through a fumigation process, writing out accession number labels, assessing the condition of the piece, photographing the object and any areas of concern, and learning the methods involved with removing surface dust and infestation critters. Everyone we worked with seemed impressed with our eagerness to jump in and learn anything that they could teach us. I was very pleased by the staff’s patience and willingness to accept our inexperienced help, especially Janean who really gave us one-on-one attention and advice. It seemed as though we had arrived during a crucial time when there was a great deal of unexpected work to be done that we were able to assist with. By the end of it all, I was most relieved that myself and my two other group mates were all satisfied with our new roles in museums.

The staff members even took photographs of me and Liza hard at work, hopefully we will be able to acquire those soon.


3 thoughts on “First day on the job

  1. I can’t believe you’re already doing conservation work–nice work Team South Africa. Just make sure none of those critters follow you home. Remember: no pets.

    • I can hardly believe it either! I would have been fine mopping the floors. 😛 Also, about the pet situation…. I’m pretty sure the cleaning lady let a cat into our room because when me and Liza were sitting outside, a black cat swooped around the corner and walked out of our room through the cracked door. We’ve named him (or her) Iziko.

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