One week down!

Today was one of those days where I was grateful to just be able to sit in peace and quiet while I worked on my latest project. Fiona, my supervisor approached me about looking over a review of the history of slavery guide. The project is meant to be am addition to the Iziko museum’s website so that people, who are interested in learning about the history of slavery in the Cape Colony, will have easy access to the information. Fiona expressed that they would really appreciate having an outsider read and make suggestions based on the contents readability. Since English is also my first language, she also explained that it would help for me to go through and make any necessary editing suggestions. I found it funny that she first apologized for giving me such a boring project, but was quick to express my excitement about not only learning a history that I possess limited knowledge of, but also to be given the chance to make valuable suggestions to such an extensive project. I spent the first 5 hours of my day sitting in the library going through each page. I only got about a third of the way through when it was time for lunch, but even by then I had already learned so much and almost thought about skipping lunch. I quickly refuted that thought as my stomach growled and I realized that my fingers were basically frozen. It has become quite clear that I’ve taken the luxury of central heating for granted over the years. After lunch I was told to meet back up with the conservation team at the Kloopman de Wet museum where there was currently a photo shoot going on. I constantly feel privileged to be allowed to view certain activities that are closed off to the general public. Our supervisors constantly make it a point to make sure both Liza and I know what is going on at each site and to make sure we are aware of various museum’s history and individual collections. I can’t believe I’ve already made it through the first week of my internship, I’m actually more sad that I don’t have more time to spend with the staff that I’ve already grown to adore and respect.


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  1. I’m just re-reading this since I’m craving news from Cape Town (no pressure…just wishing I were there!). I’m so happy that you are having a chance to work on such incredible projects. What a treat! Soak is all up.

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