Wifi, Warmth, and Wii.

After having my cell phone, camera, credit card, and wallet stolen off of my shoulder on Thursday, seeing a familiar adult figure on Friday afternoon was just what I needed. Jim arrived at our house a bit early so that he could check out Chelsie’s ear, and then brought us to the mall to grab a bite to eat and talk about our internships. While debriefing with him, he mentioned his two and a half year old daughter, Maya, to which the three of us exclaimed in unison, “Daughter? Two and a half years old? We can babysit her if you ever need a night out!”

And so, here I now write this blog post from his warm living room. He sent me a Facebook message on Friday night and mentioned that he and his wife were planning on going out to dinner tonight, and needed someone to watch Maya. He also mentioned word of free pizza, cable, internet, and heat. He had me at “someone to watch Maya,” but I suppose the other details didn’t hurt his case too much either. Selina and I headed to his house at 6:30, and he, his wife, and Maya were so welcoming. They gave us free reigns to Skype, play their Wii, watch their DVD’s, and though we aren’t taking them up on it, even gave us access to their refrigerator and cupboards. For as delicious as the two pizzas are that they ordered for us from Butler’s, I can truly say my favorite part of this babysitting adventure is the heat. I’ve re-gained circulation in my fingers and my lips have changed from blue back to pink.

It’s all about the little things in life.

Bundled in 12 layers (Note: this is no exaggeration. We counted.) in our living room on Thursday night, yet still a human icicle.


5 thoughts on “Wifi, Warmth, and Wii.

  1. Nice — we visited Maya, Jim and Ruendree before we left — Maya has a great play area. Glad you were able to babysit. As for the cold, you should try getting a hot water bottle — you know, one of those old fashioned orange rubber things you fill with boiling water and wrap in your blankets. Just sayin…

  2. Seriously, I had my first water-bottle-in-the-bed experience in South Africa on my first trip there and it changed my life. It makes the biggest difference.

  3. We may not need to share our beds with hot water bottles tonight; we’re officially moved in to in our new room and it’s warmer already! Not to mention, the sun was shining today and Table Mountain was glistening. Things are looking up!

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