Don’t worry, just take your time

Condition reports, check. (A huge sense of urgency has seriously came over us) For the past couple weeks me and Liza have been assisting the conservation team with unpacking a collection of basket that had recently undergone a fumigation treatment. Once we had gone through a small storeroom worth of boxes we were then assigned the task to compile a typed up list of the condition reports we had hand written and to also included the object pictures and any conservation pictures taken. To both of our surprise, this took far longer than expected. We first began working on Fiona’s computer and then realized there was no way that we would have enough time to finish the project during our designated internship hours, especially with all of the other things we were constantly being whisked away to assist with.

The next day we brought our computers to work and borrowed a memory stick to transfer the document and all of the pictures from Fiona’s computer to both of our laptops. The next challenge arose when we realized that the document was quickly becoming too large to save or even properly upload due to all of the pictures. After attempting several problem solving techniques, we finally settled on saving the project in three different documents on both of our computers and also on a memory card (just to make sure). We divided the work between the both of us and worked on them during out lunch breaks and little while at home.  Overall, the condition reports along with the pictures ended up being 54 pages! Needless to say, we’re glad to have finished and also being trusted to complete such a task that I honestly still can’t imagine them being able to find the time to complete themselves.


3 thoughts on “Don’t worry, just take your time

  1. Oh no! What about smaller images? Or reducing the resolution of the images so they’re not so huge? Regardless, great to hear that you’ve been doing such meaningful work. What are the baskets like that you’ve been working on? And what kinds of damage are you finding? Mostly insects?

  2. The images are about thumbnail size and we wanted to keep them a decent size so they could be used for the digitization process at some point. The baskets we were working on were from different groups all over Africa. Some were very old and fragile and some where from past decade. Mold and bug infestation were the biggest issue, all of the baskets we worked with had already undergone a gas treatment for the infestation.

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