We went sky-diving, we went Table Mountain climbing…

While Chelsie went skydiving this morning, Selina and I laced up our sneakers and made the 3 hour trek up Table Mountain.  Next up:  2.7 seconds on a bull named Blue Manchu. 

It’s as though Tim McGraw sings our lives.





(Update: I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but it’s seeming like the strenuous hike and heat have chased the flu from my body. Either that or all the Vitamin C. Either way, I’m feeling much better today!)


4 thoughts on “We went sky-diving, we went Table Mountain climbing…

  1. Sounds like you were trying to “Live like you were dying”. (a little Tim McGraw reference there. I had to wikipedia it.)

  2. Soooo happy you made it up to Table Mountain. And it was so beautiful! Did you see any dassies? Liza, I’m happy you’re feeling better. Thank goodness for all those friends you had over to take care of you.

  3. Unfortunately, no dassies during the first climb.

    Fortunately, I’m climbing the mountain again on Friday with Chelsie! Let the dassie conjuring commence!

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