Sawubona Team South Africa 2013!

After several trips to the Joburg Airport, everyone has arrived and Team South Africa 2013 is in full effect.  IMG_5907

We spent Sunday (Youth Day) settling into our guest house and getting acclimated before kicking off our first day on Monday at Constitution Hill, home of a former prison and now transformed as the site of the Constitutional Court (S.A.’s Supreme Court).  In the on-site museum, we listened to stories about the notorious Number 4 prison in post-apartheid South Africa as we contemplated what it means to “use bricks of the past to build the future” (the new Court uses bricks from the prison itself in its foundation).


After steeping in the stories of this significant historical site, we took some time to journal in the courtyard of the former women’s prison to capture some of our reactions.  Sitting outside these former cells with birds chirping in the quiet of our writing, it was startling to imagine that it was only a few short years ago that this was the site of such atrocities.


Back at the guest house, we spent some time reflecting together and then dove into some printmaking to get us ready for a few upcoming visits to arts workshops. Despite some claims from people that they were not artists, it was clear that we have everyone quickly mastered the art of the block print.


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  1. I am so jealous!! Looks like your trip is off to a great start and the sun is shining too! I know you will enjoy the arts workshops. Regards and best wishes from one of the “old team SA”

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