Beading in Capetown!

Today was our first official day in Cape Town! Wow what a change in scenery! The interesting architecture, vegetation, and of course the ocean! I absolutely love it here! Today we spent the afternoon visiting a couple different companies that use beaded art works to create economic opportunities for people in the more impoverished areas of the city. The first place we visited was called Streetwires where we participated in a workshop where we learned how to make key chains with wire and beads. When we were there I learned that Streetwire does these types of workshops for anyone who is interested in becoming involved in the company. By doing this it provides people with a sustainable skill set that they can use either with the company or free lance with. The second place we visited is called Monkey Biz who have a similar goal in mind but instead of letting just anyone learn the trade they focus specifically on women living in the townships. Both of these places are incredible in the way they have changed the lives of these people by giving them a job and a consistent income. What I also found very interesting about Monkey Biz is that they also give every woman that they employ a bank account and teach them how to properly manage their money. Both of these companies are doing incredible work for their community and of course making some AWESOME art works!!!


monkey biz  streetwire