Sick by the Sea

Unfortunately, I seemed to fall ill almost immediately upon arrival last Monday in Cape Town. In spite of coughing, sneezing, and aching through every museum, restaurant, tour, and market we’ve visited, I have had a wonderful time in this city so far. The most difficult activity for a sicky like myself to participate in was definitely the ferry ride to Robben Island, which entailed sloshing around the cabin of the ferry clutching a barf bag as the boat barreled over the notoriously high Atlantic waves. While on the Island, we saw two kinds of penguins-the first were the species of bird, the second were members of Obama’s secret service. Obama was in South Africa from the 28th to the 30th of June, which has been an entertaining news story to follow. After being introduced to South Africans as Americans, we are frequently asked if we are here with Obama or are going to meet him. It may sound ridiculous, but Obama has brought over such a huge security entourage with him, the probability of an American in Cape Town working for him is probably pretty high during this time. 

I have had a lot of motivation to recover, as we have made several trips to the beach in CT. Cape Town is definitely the most beautiful place to be sick-though I am ready to enjoy it without hacking up a lung. One of our waitresses suggested I take three tequila shots before going to bed to sweat out the sickness. I’m not sure about that remedy, but I am ready to try just about anything to feel 100% well again!