Printmaking workshop at the National Gallery!

Last Monday Hillary and I assisted in a printmaking workshop at the National Gallery with about 17 at risk youths in grades 3-8 from an organization called “The Playground Group.” We were very grateful for the printmaking sessions we had with Nate and Marit, as they gave us some background in the medium that helped us to be better teachers. The workshop was led by a museum educator named Kathy, and a local printmaker (now internationally known) named Sophie. 


[Sophie and I repairing ink rollers before the workshop]Image

[Hillary and Pule laying out newspapers before the workshop]

We were very lucky to have a volunteer from a nearby boarding school named Pule working with us. The children all spoke Khosa as their first language, and Pule was able to translate for them. According to Annette Loubser, my supervisor, language barriers can become a huge barrier when it comes to art education, especially with younger children. She hopes to eventually have worksheets and tours in all languages relevant to South Africa.Image


[Sophie and Jill (Artist and instructor involved with the Playground Group) on gallery tour] 



[Gallery Tour]




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  1. So excited that you had a chance to do some printmaking! What kind did you do with the young people? Did it inspire you to make any more prints yourself?

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