Colleague Profile: Wandile Kasibe

Wandile Kasibe has a thirst for knowledge. As if earning three separate Master’s degrees isn’t enough, he’s now focused on obtaining his PhD– all while working as the Public Programmes Coordinator for Iziko. His entrance into the museum profession is interesting as well, proving that hard work, a lot of enthusiasm, and a little bit of luck can open up many doors for a person:

“When I was doing my Master’s in Arts and Media at UCT I had to give my presentation on my thesis in front of a group of faculty and in the crowd happened to be the friend of a curator at Iziko…she approached me afterwards and probably realized that I would be someone that would be good to work for Iziko, and that’s how I started working there, on a contract basis. When a post opened up for this position I applied and got it, and ever since then I’ve been working here, but I have traveled a lot throughout it. I received a UNESCO scholarship to get my Master’s in World Heritage studies in Italy which was a year-long program. Then I studied in the UK and got my Museum Studies degree. I wanted to know more about museums– how they started, how they work now– and after every degree I wanted to keep learning more. There has been a lot of travel involved in this job too, for instance, I went to Japan once.”

When asked what he likes best about working in museums, he replied: “I like knowing that I am contributing to the knowledge of others, and that they are bettering themselves because of it.”

So what’s next for Wandile? “My next goal is to get my PhD., hopefully at Harvard,” he says.

Personally, I find Wandile’s level of enthusiasm for his work almost unmatchable. One issue he’s very passionate about is the use of media and technology in museum programming. He realizes that times are changing, and museums must adjust to that in order to reach new audiences by utilizing social media, videos, and other tools in addition to the usual printed material. So when he’s not running around coordinating events or documenting them, he’s educating others on the importance of this issue. Before Mandela Day, he took the time to teach us how to operate a videocamera, as well as edit footage using software, so that we could document our outreach trip and take it home in DVD form to share with our friends and family. I admire his willingness to share his expertise and his commitment to getting young people more involved in this aspect of education and public programming.


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  1. How fortunate you are to be working with someone possessing such enthusiasm and passion for learning and sharing!

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