Last Days at the South African National Gallery

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a report summarizing the results of my research into Iziko’s collections policy and exhibition policy. I feel extremely privileged to have been able to work with these documents; my supervisor, Annette Loubser, has actually been critiqued by some of her colleagues for allowing me to attend policy meetings and read policy documents. I strongly appreciate Annette’s liberal attitude towards her interns-she really throws us of the deep end in terms of work. My first day she slammed a 2.5 inch stack of documents relating to the collections policy on my desk and said “You’ve got to help me crack this!” I can proudly say that I have dissected each and every one of those documents, and then some. I didn’t expect these responsibilities when I applied for this internship, but I am so glad to have earned them.  Annette has treated me as more of a colleague than an errand runner and I have learned all the more because of that.

A Picture of Myself with Hayley Garvis, a fellow SANG intern from Virginia

Other than working on the policy, I have also been giving tours to students, assisting in art-making workshops, and  setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts for an upcoming exhibition at the National Gallery Annexxe, called “The Difference Loom,” which I will post more about shortly.




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