Pilanesberg: Animal Encounters

I wasn’t expecting to see so many animals on our first day. We only went by car the first evening and the grass was so high we couldn’t really see far enough. BUT WE SAW A LION ON OUR FIRST DAY!!!


We also saw impala, which quickly became boring as it turns out that there are 3000 impala in the park. Obviously, the animals that everyone wants to see are the elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffes, and hippos. So here are some more animals I was able to take pictures of on the morning and night drives.


Elephant 1

Rhino 2Giraffe


It was a crazy experience now looking back at the photos. I can’t believe some of these were so close: the rhino family and the angry mother that tried to charge at us, the jaywalking zebras and giraffes, and the lazy hippos. The mother elephant also seemed to be mildly annoyed at how close we were in the giant safari truck.