Sipping Wine on Saturdays and Penguin Mania

The gang packed up and road-tripped to Groot Constantia, an Iziko Museum all about wine located right on a vineyard. We drove along the coast spotting houses on hills that we wanted to buy and stopped to play catch with the ocean’s waves. The vineyard and grounds were beautiful complete with rolling hills and white ducks dipping in the river and snowcapped mountains in the distance. We wandered through the small museum and yard before sitting down for a wonderful lunch before our wine tasting tour. On the tour, I learned that pink wine’s made by both white and red grapes, producing a merge of both the color and taste and that red wines are more bitter due to the crushing of the grape’s seed that’s included in the final product (unlike white wines). Though the tour was crowded with mostly American students, I enjoyed the wine tasting at the end in which we also had the chance to taste chocolate made for each wine. The chocolate’s were kinda funky with their zesty lime, wet-wood, tobacco, Christmas taste, but I really enjoyed the milk chocolate cherry and Shiraz red wine and ended up purchasing some at the end.

After the wine tour, we continued to drive along the coast to Simon’s Town to see South Arica’s penguins. Before the sun set into the sea, we were able to go along the boardwalk to the bay where the (wild) penguins lived, penguins that apparently screech as though they were donkeys! I’d never see a penguin that close without a window of glass separating us (thanks Lincoln Park Zoo), and I loved seeing the funny birds nesting and swimming and napping on the sand. Before heading home, we all stopped for coffee and ice cream at a local shop that hung along the street.

That evening, Ashley, Billy, and I went to a small house party in the Cape Town suburb of Muizenberg that our South African friend described as a “game-night.” Billy took that “game” as in meat, Ashley thought sport, and I hoped it’d be a board game night in which it was thankfully the last! We played a board game that had mostly South African terms and pop references, and I was actually pretty shocked/embarrassed how bad I was at answering American pop questions, but we had a good time discussing aspects of culture shock and what living in a big city’s like. We had a splendid first day of the weekend and made some new friends along the way.


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  1. Game night! Maybe at the end you could host a game night with all three versions (a biltong-eating, board game-playing, rugby-watching festival).

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