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We started our internship this week. Ashley and I spent the week at the Social History Centre working under Tessa and Bradley. Tessa is a collections manager and Bradley is a conservator. We did more than we had expected, from deinstalling and exhibition at the Slave Lodge, to looking at broken objects, to unpacking objects into the vaults. I feel like I’m getting do to things we never would be able to do in any other internship. There will be plenty more stories from here to come!

But in other news, I wanted to share more about our group’s dessert insanity since we’ve arrived in South Africa. There’s something about the way sweet things are made here that just hit the spot.  Things are never too sweet, which tends to be my problem with American desserts. Anyways, here’s a quick look at some memorable things we’ve had so far:

Morning Pastries

We had these super fluffy and buttery croissants in the cafe across from us in Melville in Joburg. A french person would probably scoff at this pastry because its not flakey or whatever. This one is more like a cross between a brioche, a croissant and a cloud. The plain one with a coffee was just a perfect breakfast.

Malva Pudding

We just all had our first Malva pudding today. Jim recommended one from Woolworths so we got one and tried it at our meeting in the afternoon. It’s so soft and caramel-ly. We followed the package instructions to heat up, so it was warm. I don’t usually think anything of bread puddings but wow…


Ashley bought this great Tiramisu. I think it was also from Woolworths. The espresso that was in it was so intense. Once it entered your mouth, it was like an explosion of ground coffee, following by super creamy marscopone and then more coffee in the madeline. We don’t know what happened, but the entire package was gone in like less than two days.

Ice Cream

Ok we’ve had ice cream a lot since we’ve been here. There are just so many magnum bar flavors and ice cream shops! I also had the biggest soft serve ice cream at the bus stop next to the Table Mountain today. It was like 20 rand (less than $2) and it was like the equivalent of 6 scoops of ice cream. It was man vs. cone for a while until the bus came.

Milk Tart

We had our first milk tart at the Odendaal dinner a week ago. It’s is close to the egg tarts they sell in Chinese bakeries, but these are much lighter. Bread, Milk and Honey, by the Social History Center have these mini one’s that were also so good. We saw the most beautifully decorated one at Woolworths with a cinnamon dusted pattern on it! (Soon to be ours)


Marit and Nate also dropped off a red velvet cake for us before they left as a goodbye present. Needless to say, we pretty much inhaled it… But otherwise, we’ve also been having some amazing chocolate cakes after restaurant meals too.

We’re just finishing our 3rd week here in South Africa. There is so much more to eat so stay tuned!



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    • Yes!! Those were so good. We’ve had a couple more desserts since this post. There definitely needs to be a follow up list of sweets 🙂

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