Week 2 Internship

A short selection of verbs that accurately describe my week:

& writing
designing paper bag decals for an upcoming event
compiling blurry workshop photos of jumping schoolchildren
climbing the hill outside our house
eating malva pudding
sipping on pineapple, mint, green apple cold pressed juice
coming home from work in the rain
putting on my winter coat
taking off my winter coat
sitting and drinking tea
answering 11th grader’s questions
petting the parking guard’s dog
buzzing into the library
eating lunch alone
eating lunch with friends
running to catch the bus
resting in the warm grass outside the National Gallery
nestling on the benches of the Company Garden
purchasing a phone
(and failing to upload air time)
crying and hiccupping in laughter
sitting at the back of the bar
listening to rock music
practicing our Xhosa clicks
requesting an Uber
again and again and again
sewing student art projects together with twine
listening to pop music on the radio
meeting new friends
meeting a famous artist
watching the sunset from our upstairs porch
eating cold bagels at 7 in the morning
smelling lavender perfumes
and chatting with the macaroon store owner

I’ve had a hard time piecing this week together, and from running back and forth between the annex to the National Gallery and South African museum and up and down the steps to the library, I’ve realized that I haven’t been doing the same thing. Yentl and I discussed how each day’s different—how as an art educator, you need to be flexible and go with the flow and move quickly with the other staff members, bending to what they need to you to do. Wednesday, I received an assignment to design a cover for a gift bag handout at an upcoming event, and within 24 hours, the project was due. We also had tenth and eleventh grade students come into the annex for job shadowing—a part of high school student’s education to help them see what a real job’s like!—but the numbers came so quickly, without a true notice, and Yentl and I scrambled to find them jobs and include them in the work we’d been doing. Fortunately, the second day that happened, we were working on installing an exhibit in the studio space and their arrival was just in time! Most of my days are spent working with my mentor and various high school students that I’ve come to love and learn from. I find quietness and warmth in my hours spent in the library and laughter and catching up from my hour lunch with Billy and Ashley. We met some other American students this week who are heading back home in a few days. They expressed how they miss how, but I don’t feel that way—not quite yet.