Mandela Day

We were invited to take part in Mandela Day by volunteering at the SPCA in Grassy Park. We went with the Iziko Mobile Museum to set up a sort of educational area for those who had signed up to do their 67 minutes on this interesting national holiday. I had never heard of a holiday that is centered around charity work. We have been taking so many ubers around town and most of the drivers will leave the radio playing, so we’ve learned the slogan of the month is “Be more Madiba!” Unfortunately, everything was booked at the SPCA so we had to organize pet food and curate a photoshoot instead for the volunteers. Meanwhile, the mobile museum wasn’t getting much action, but I’m glad we were able to do something meaningful on this important day.

Iziko TentIziko Tent 2Iziko ArtifactsIziko Artiacts 2