Irma Stern

Photo Jul 23, 7 02 19 PM

17th Century Indo-Portuguese Chair Ebony with ivory inlay

The conservation team at the Social History Centre has been going mad putting together the object list for the Irma Stern exhibition. Her works will be displayed alongside objects that are represented in the paintings themselves in order to give an extra dimension to her pieces. I’ve been working with Janene on the condition reports and treatments for these objects and on Monday we were finally able to install them. This morning we cleaned and treated the Indo-Portuguese chair to be ready for the opening this evening.

Madora, scarf, and hat.

Madora, scarf, and hat.

Special stands were made for the madora and hat in order to elevate them and also protect them. The madora was in such a bad state it was almost not included in the exhibition but extra measures were taken to be able to include it.

Dress - 1964

Dress – 1964

Billy and I made the bust for this dress. We should have made her breasts larger; the dress has no shape. This dress and mantilla was displayed across from a portrait in which the subject was dressed similarly.

Cloth from Kuba Kingdom Republic of the Congo

Cloth from Kuba Kingdom
Republic of the Congo

This cloth was a last minute addition to the exhibition. I worked on the condition report and photography of this object on Tuesday. It was a crazy experience getting these objects ready on top of the other exhibition we were also working on. Red in the Rainbow Nation required archival material to be laminated, especially since it will be up for a full year. The photographs and letters have to be protected from such long-term exposure. I am extremely proud to have contributed to both exhibitions.