My Last Weekend Here

It’s crazy to consider that this weekend’s my final weekend in Cape Town and in South Africa. The time flew by, as everyone has said it would. Which is weird. I feel as though I tried to savor every moment, every sound, every image, every conversation—but somewhere between the bus rides and boat rides and 7:30 am coffee runs, those memories started to slip away and now we’re at the end, and I’m just trying to digest everything that’s happened. To begin with: my internship. I have loved my internship. The people I’m working alongside are the sweetest, caring, most intelligent and humble people I’ve ever had the chance to work with. I know this all sounds so romantic coming from my outsider lens that’s tainted by the cloudless sky, month long experience, but processing what work I’ve done and what opportunities I have had through Iziko Museums, I’d say it’s all been pretty dreamy. The other day, I got lost wandering back from a bookstore and as I was peering through the glass windows into the street side shops, I realize I had passed the road I needed to turn down to catch the bus. Confused, slightly bewildered, and hungry, I turned to find the nearest street sign and realized that I wasn’t scared. I know it’s odd saying this—why would I be scared getting just a few blocks off my intended track, but when traveling in another country with a phone that doesn’t always tend to work and with numbers I’m not even sure to even call, it can be a frightening moment. But I felt secure, as if that’s the city I truly live in. As if that’s something that happens every weekend. I’ll miss Cape Town and South Africa in general, but I guess that means I’ll be all the more likely to come back.

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