Soweto Adventure


Hector Pieterson Museum & Kliptown

Our fourth day in South Africa started off by speaking to Mpho Khumeke, Education Officer, about the Hector Pieterson Memorial & Museum and the supported youth programs. The museum gave us more insight about the uprise that occurred in Soweto June 16th, 1976. Further details from participants, teachers, and other community members were shared throughout the walls of the museum.

Afterwards we made our way to Kliptown, not knowing of what to expect in the slightest. When looking onto the township, I felt immediately taken aback by the poverty. Bob Nameng, founder of SKY youth program, talked to us about his goals and visions for his community. SKY provides hope and services to some of the most neglected children in South Africa. Although the people of Kliptown live without basic housing, electricity, and education, their passion and positivity towards their community is inspiring. The people of Kliptown strive for education and a positive environment for their youth.

There is much help that can be given to the community through educating others and lending out a hand to the many organizations that support Kliptown. We ended off our visit with a dance performed by the youth program.

This day was not what I expected and in the best way possible. I feel so lucky to have visited the historical place of Soweto & met the beautiful people of Kliptown.