6/19/16 Hippie Market

Today was an tremendous day just like every other day. I started off eating a chocolate eclair for breakfast, with a water. My breakfast contained two sweet buns, with a cream filling in the  inside with chocolate glazed on the top of the desert. It kind of reminds you of a cream puff that you would buy at one of Detroit’s Coney Island, preferably the one located on Gratiot. The only differences of the deserts is that the cream puff in Detroit is filled with ice cream on the inside besides the cream filling.IMG_1552.jpg

We decided to go to a ‘hippie market’. It reminded you of Louisiana, or the easter market back in Detroit. As soon as you pull in to park you park under a bridge, where you hear drums, and singing, with graffiti designs. Then you have these musicians who are entertaining you in the front of the entrance while there are small restaurants surrounding the front that leads you to the inside of the place.

When you first walk in, there is a restaurant that had two big platters of rice and seafood, with clam; oysters; beans; brown rice; and shrimp. The other platter contained brown rice, and vegetables. I assume they used them both for either vegetarians, or meat, and seafood lovers. As you continue to walk in you had all types of restaurants. They had popcorn sellers, a lemonade stand, liquor stands, and different types of foods servings. The names of the restaurants made you want to eat from there. One restaurant was named ‘Taste so good you will want to eat’; why would you not want to eat there right? lol

As you continue to go through the area you can with go outside on the patio where the ground is filled with rocks, and tables for people to sit and eat, or you can go upstairs. upstairs contained a lot of art. You had posters , designed t-shirts, hand made cloths and materials, and there was even a stand for sunglasses, expensive ones too. You can by Moroccan items, asian items, etc.. There was one place that had this skateboard ramp that allowed you to write ‘something you would tell your old self’, and then on the the other side of the skate rink, ‘what are the issues you feel the young people of today faces’. IMG_1554.jpg

Overall the experience was great, I met musicians, artist, and chefs. I would post videos to show my proof of experience but unfortunately I have to upgrade my word press. I will definitely show it on my final though! After we left the market I decided to sleep in, and just rest for the rest of the day, others went to the park. I even ordered McDonalds delivery lol! I know I a suppose to be trying new foods, but how many can say they got McDonalds ordered, IN SOUTH AFRICA ?!IMG_1558 (1)