Imbali Group, Artist Proof Studio, Market Photo Workshop

All 3 of the locations we visited today were in the same small area, and all 3 were dedicated to helping people, both young and older, learn artistic skills.

Imbali Group: Teaches women and young people creative literacy and how to make marketable products through skills such as screen printing, potato printing, ceramics, embroidery. Students participate in every aspect of their work from design to production, not only creating patterns but sewing their products themselves.

Artist Proof Studio: This print shop functions like a school, teaching students to become print makers. It helps not only with technical ability, but also business skill needed to become professionals, and critiques to help students grow conceptually. To help generate income the studio also does printing for professionals. Here we got our own print making demo, which turned out successful although like most art did not end up how we envisioned.

Market Photo Workshop: This school started as just workshops to help a younger generation learn photography in South Africa. Now it has its own building, that offers a variety of classes, for both students who have never used a camera, to advanced classes designed to lead students into the work forces. Classes either focus on photography as an artistic medium, or photojournalism, and documentary photography.

What I loved about all 3 of these places is that students are able to participate for little to no cost, and are trained holistically so that they have the skills to not only produce great work but find jobs and market themselves.









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  1. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful experiences. So many new ones from when I was privileged to be on this trip a few year ago plus many good memories of favorites. Loved Artist Proof and SKY. My brain was on over load and still is. Keep the info coming. Gloria

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