Streetwires & District 6


Today we went to two art studios that sell beaded work, Streetwires & Monkeybiz. At Streetwires, we practiced beading different shapes (some talents outshined others 🙂 ). At Monkeybiz, we checked out the space and browsed through the different beaded pieces.

Pictures of intense beading faces:

We grabbed lunch and browsed through the AVA space (Association on Visual Arts). The gallery presented exhibitions of printmaking and youth art.


We then walked over to District 6 museum, a space that represents individuals’ positive memories of their town before it was destroyed during the apartheid removal. The museum is comprised of individuals’ saved mementos of District 6: signs, maps, photographs, ect. We then met Mandy Singer, Director of Education, to talk about the essence and memory collection process of the museum. We noticed the museum was very different than any other museum we’ve been too; it presents an ongoing story about the people and their memories instead of the situation, and that creates a strong personal connection for the viewers. Mandy explained how memory is stimulated through the various analysis workshops they put on with people who lived in District 6; she explained how this can be difficult due to people’s tarnished/altered views of their memory.

And that was the day!