Some Iziko Museums and a few Galleries

Today started off with a visit to the South African National Gallery, which houses one of the largest collections of South African art. They had four current exhibitions. My two favorites were The Art of Disruptions and Home Truths. The Art of Disruptions featured contemporary art which celebrates the many milestones of South African history and the peoples long battle against oppressive government. The Home Truths exhibition used art to talk about the concept of home, and how this can differ depending on gender, class and culture, yet also be unifying.

We then walked over to the Slave Lodge another Iziko Museum, that is primarily about the history of slavery in South Africa. It also houses many exhibitions that  didn’t seem to connect such as a large collection european silverware, and guns. I probably would have preferred to spend more time in the national gallery 😉

When then ventured off the Goodman Gallery in Capetown, where we got invited to an opening on July 28th, and the other Stevenson Gallery in Capetown which had an exhibition of Pieter Hugo, who’s photographs of children in the setting that they grew up, were rather stunning.

(photos to come)