1.) Object Study

The art object that I find most intriguing is the “FuckWhitePeople board, chair, and golden dean boots”. The reason I find this project interesting is because of the reasoning behind the project. Dean Hutton, a photojournalist whom practices moves beyond still imagery, and also practices as a visual artist in video, installation, intervention and performance art.


In this particular art work, Dean emphasizes on how a black young man walked around with the words”Fuck White People” on his shirt and was threatened a court case. But what made this incident more intensifying is that the people who was threatening him never said anything about the writing on the front of his shirt which read “Being Black is Shit”. Is not the first thing you see on a persons shirt is the front of it? That goes to tell you when whites feel disrespected they make a big fuss about it, and want to draw attention to the issue, but when blacks get disrespect it does not occur to be a big problem, it’s natural.

I recently sat in the room where the art work is located and watched visitors of the art gallery as they walked in to see their reaction to the piece. Of course most visitors were of white color, and also very uncomfortable looking at it. The artwork is located on your right, soon as you walk through the gallery. I like the fact that the creative director of the gallery put in on the right side because most people are right handed, so they automatically will look right. Some visitors would walk in first look right, turn left, quickly glance back to right to make sure the piece is what what they see, and walk the opposite way. I think that was my favorite reactions, but there were one in particular set of visitors. They were two women, could be best friends or sisters. They both were very displeased with the art work, and even shared their blatant opinions with me. I was applaud and curious as to why.

So then I asked them why not, knowing that they did not even bother by reading the information provided to explain the artwork. The just said “It is racist and it makes them feel some type of way”.I, myself have read the information multiple times, so when they stated their statements little did they know the artwork was about them. Hutton also acknowledged that if someone of any race feels some type of way about this piece they have some inter issues that should be worked on. At the end of the day it is just art containing some words, a chair, and some shoes. So I then showed the two women the artwork of the different governments spraying protestors, identifying them with colored water so that when it is time to attack them or take them to jail they can identify who they are. I also showed them the artwork directly across from the “FuckWhitePeople” work; which contained western people feasting while being entertained holding a black mans head in a bird’s cage. I then asked them are you still dissatisfied with the artworks, and do you still feel uncomfortable? Both women looked at me speechless. The looks on their face was priceless, that is when I knew I got my point across.They exited the museum quieter than when they entered.

Hopefully those young ladies realized there is no such thing as black disrespect, and white disrespect; disrespect is disrespect just as if you swear, and the another person steal. In Gods eyes a sin is a sin. They were not the only visitors to act as such, there were others who did the same; look at every other artwork but that one, and just be so upset that they forget they are in an art gallery, and each artwork contains a description to why they invented the piece.