Cape Town: Week 2 & Objects

This is my third week in Cape Town and my second week of the Iziko internship; it’s going by way too fast.

This past Sunday we hiked table mountain and witnessed a helicopter rescue the first twenty minutes on the trail… but luckily we made it safely to the top! During the week we visited the Waterfront to browse and Camp’s Bay to watch the sunset.



Internship & object study:

For the first half of the work week, Alexa and I worked with conservation of wooden vessels in storage. We wrote up condition reports for previously insect-infested objects. We went through many of the objects and checked if there was any visible damage from the infestation. Afterwards, we polished and filled in insect holes with sealant wax.


For the last half of the work week, we worked with boxes of documents donated from Lynn Carneson (daughter of apartheid political prisoner, Fred Carneson). It was amazing to see the story of the Carneson family unfold while looking through the hundreds of documents: court orders, letters, cards, photographs, ect. The documents opened my eyes to a different story of anti-apartheid fighters, and the role that this specific white family played in history. I think it is important and special for the Iziko museums to collect a diverse story like this one; It is a viewpoint that is rarely told in apartheid history.