Internship Week 2 – Object Study

This past week, I’ve been working with Paul, one of the valuators, in the small furniture storage room in the Social History Centre. Since the beginning of our internship, I’ve been assisting Paul in recording his descriptions and values of each item in the storage rooms for him to use when he updates his estimates. Thus, I’ve had the unique chance to see each and every corner of several storage rooms and gotten to hear Paul, who specializes in antiques and runs a nearby auction house, describe each piece and tell me what makes particular pieces so special.

We typically reference an Excel sheet that lists the items on each shelf as we describe each piece, and we were immediately confused by the first item listed on a particular shelf we worked on today. There was supposedly a child’s chair on the shelf, but we couldn’t seem to find one. After taking the cover off of what we presumed was an ottoman that matched the adjacent armchair, we discovered that it was, in fact, the child’s armchair we were looking for! It was such a cute Art Deco piece, and I’m sure I would have loved it as a child. The chair matched a larger armchair made for an adult, and it was so sweet to imagine a child sitting in the chair wanting to be exactly like their parent and copying their every move. This armchair was certainly the highlight of the day.


Just as cute in a terribly lit photo as it is in real life.