Collaborative Article

Since the moment I was accepted into the MSU study abroad program I was hopping my Internship placement would be at the National Gallery. Luckily enough I have gotten to work with Ingrid Masondo the curator of photography and new media. With majors in studio art and creative advertising this was actually a perfect fit for often photography is what I have seen as a joining element between these two fields of study. As an assistant preparatory at the Broad Art Museum in East Lansing I have only gotten to see a curator’s job in placing art in the gallery as I’m one of the ones who then has to move and place it. This internship gave me an inside look on the day to day, and a better understanding of what I might what to do in the future as a career.

My favorite days with Ingrid were spent in the photography store room as we went through the acquisitions to help organize and determine what all was actually there in the collections. I would often have to write a description of the photos for later recognition which could get quite humors, when trying to describe the difference in some photographs by Thom Pierce all featuring old similar looking men. I also got to spend time in the library researching the photographers. I hadn’t really known a lot about South African photographers before hand but I found that so many of them were able to capture the injustice of apartheid and spread knowledge of what was really going on not only to the rest of the country but to the world as well.

This internship has not only encouraged me to further my studies in photography, but has reminded me that art really can play an important roll in social struggle. Walking through the Art of Disruptions exhibition every morning can be very inspiring, and reminds me that my interest in politics is still very relevant to my studies. I’m still not sure if my career path will take me in to a museum, I am even more interested in pursuing it than I was before my time at Iziko.