My interview

My interview is with my colleague Lumanyano. He is from an North Link College located in Belleville, Western Cape. His major is tourism, and he is currently a senior. He started the intern with I, and Yentl two weeks ago and now he loves it just a much as me. We have all grown so close that we go to lunch everyday together! I asked him a few questions to get his take on his experience.

Annetta: ‘What have you learn here at Iziko Museums?”

Lumanyano: “I learned that when you looking at a picture it is more than what you see. It is actually a message behind the picture that you see.”

Annetta: “Do you feel that this experience will help you in the future?”

Lumanyano: “Yes, it will help a lot, working with people of all ages, and cultures you get the feel of what they like and do not like, and what exciting things you can add to make tourism of South Africa great!”

Annetta: “How would you describe Iziko Museums after working from the inside?”

Lumanyano: “Fun, exciting, and lots to learn, and it is a very good place to be at.”


Excuse the hair, long day