Cape Town: Last Week & Article

Sadly, I only have a few days left in beautiful Cape Town :(. Our last weekend was really fun, but we also experienced some bad luck on the way. Friday we tried to take the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain and got destroyed in a freezing storm cloud. On Saturday, we tried to hike up Skeleton Gorge and again didn’t win against the rain. Instead, we decided to hike up Lions Head for sunset, not realizing how dark the way down would be; Alexa tumbled down off the trail, but luckily she lived. On Sunday, we went horseback riding on Noordhoek beach. It was a funny last weekend and made for some great memories.





My last week of work has gone by really fast. I’m very appreciative of this opportunity as an intern at Iziko Social History Centre. One of the more important aspects I have learned about museums through my internship is how important these centers are for education of South Africa’s history and culture heritage. The biggest problem these centers face are due to the “boring” stereotype museums are given, specifically by the youth. The staff is extremely passionate about reaching to different audiences for education about South Africa’s history.


I really knew nothing about the jobs within a museum context before I started working at Iziko. I wasn’t aware of all the details and work that is put into each exhibit and its’ objects. I’ve learned about the importance of conservation and how much work is put into keeping historical objects maintained. Whether it be sorting through documents or helping preserve infested objects, I understand the process of taking care of history.


What made this experience enjoyable were the individuals I have met in the Iziko staff. My supervisors have been amazing at making me feel welcome and engaged. Although I’ve only been here a short four weeks, they have allowed me to learn many aspects about conservation work. I’m very thankful for my experience and the wonderful individuals at the Iziko Social History Centre.