Why Museums & Iziko Collaborative

Cape Town was a beautiful city to adventure. Having the opportunity to work in the space was tremendous to me and I am glad to say I worked in South Africa. It was an additional bonus that my job was apart of one of the finest museums around the world, Iziko Museums of South Africa! It is very sad that it is my time to leave but the experience will never bee forgotten. I have gotten he opportunity to work with some of the brightest people who believe in advancing education for our future generations, and love their job more than for the money. I have grown very close to my supervisor, and we plan to spend time together when she come to America for my graduation.

I have also spent time with other interns from around the world, and we have made a connection as well. His name was Imaniyono, and he taught me more of the xhosa language, and he life that he lives. The job that I took upon which was Education and Public Programming was not just an experience it was part of life. Learning the differences of how we live, things such as their ‘hot chips’ are considered our french fries, while American ‘hot chips’ are potato chips that are covered in paprika.

I really enjoyed finishing my final project for Iziko as well. My project consist of me putting together a collage of things that I adventured working with Iziko Museums. I included videos of young children, and even coleus showing their personal sides rather than just them working.I have worked in different departments that pertained to me traveling to different townships, and museums around South Africa. I went on one particular trip that was by the Iziko Mobile Museum, where they travel to townships and teach the children more about life, art, and history. They have displays to show the children such as dissected animals. We also had an opportunity to play on the drums and make me music and much more.

Working in this environment you learn that museums play a very important part of students. Museums teaches everyone about their history, why countries are build in their own way, and many more. Having art galleries are exciting for children. They get to be creative exploring their own minds no matter what mental issues that a child can have they still have a mind of their own. I feel sad not being able to see the finish product of the exhibition that Iziko will be hosting. The exhibition will consist of them showing off all the artworks from the students that come in and use their minds. I have worked with one year olds all the way to seniors in high school and it was a pleasure! These children give you hope, and they make your day just being there for an hour. I am very happy I came on this trip, and can not wait to further my education with art, and plan management.