Online Class and arrival

In the weeks leading up our arrival in Johannesburg, we had 4 online Skype classes, including multiple readings and videos to watch. During those weeks we had a crash course on apartheid and the history of South Africa. From watching Amandala to Invictus, we received an immense amount of knowledge before arriving to the country. Kiana and I traveled together via KLM airlines, flying from New York City to Montreal to Amsterdam, and then arriving in South Africa on June 12th around 9pm. Kitty and Isadora flew from Chicago to Doha, and then arrived in Johannesburg on June 13th around 10am. During our stop in Amsterdam, Kiana THANKFULLY introduced me to a Dutch food called poffertjes, which definitely made our layover worth while. After, we met up with Marit, Nate, Desi, Marsha, and Kurt and completed our trip to South Africa, which included some prime plane food :).


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