Second Arrivals

Isadora and I arrived a day after Marit, Nate, Kiana and Liz. While Kiana and Liz were sleeping in Marit and Nate greeted us at the airport and escorted us back to our new living space for the next two weeks, the Space Guest House.

After Isadora and I got settled in we headed grocery store (the first of many trips soon to come) to get the items that we either were missing or needed for the next couple days. Later on that evening we attended Stephen Hobbs’ gallery opening in Johannesburg. In the midst of mixing and mingling with the other artists and visitors in the gallery, I came upon 2 Americans from my hometown Kalamazoo, Michigan that had been living in Johannesburg for the past 3 months and were on their way home the following day. Upon speaking with them I also found out that they had met another person in Johannesburg that was also from Kalamazoo. It was such a grand coincidence and an interaction that immediately made me feel more at home and welcomed.

To end the day we headed to a delicious pizza place just around the corner from The Space Guest House. A Perfect way to end our first day!