Youth Day!

Today was Youth Day, a holiday which celebrates the youth uprising against apartheid of 1976 in the township of Soweto. We started our morning off with a nature walk in the Koppies, including a breathtaking view of Johannesburg and the province of Gauteng. After, we checked out Kim Sack’s Gallery downtown where Kitty bought a beautiful necklace molded from an endangered flower. Down the road, our team had lunch at Munch Cafe, a cool little restaurant located in the back of a garden shop. Here, some of us tried our first Frulatta, which is basically a milkshake made with fresh fruit (SO YUMMY!). 

Following lunch, we attended a youth panel at the Apartheid Museum. This was an intense, emotional, and amazing experience to say the least. The panel was set up with four South African Black women high school students and a mediator who was also a radio talk show host. The point of this panel was for these women to talk about any issue that was important to them and then have discussions with and get feedback from the audience. The issues that were discussed included gender problems and women’s rights, concerning the violence against women that is currently very prominent in the country. An interesting an important point made was that there are free condoms offered all over the country but not free sanitary pads for women. Some women can’t even attend school when it is that time of the month because they can’t afford the proper protection. Other issues discussed was the strike problem, which affects education, jobs, and everyday society, traditional vs. non-traditional values, and race. 

After the panel we visited an exhibit on Nelson Mandela in the Apartheid Museum. This exhibit had the history of his life from start to finish and was very interesting, especially the items put on display. At nighttime we went to a 30 minute performance inspired by famous printmaker William Kentridge at The Center For The Less Good Idea. Although it was difficult to interpret, the show was powerful, emotion filled, conceptual and entertaining. To end the night, Kitty, Kiana, Isadora, and I continued our printmaking project to give as gifts to people we have met along the way.