Arts on Main & DGI Studio

This morning we had a late start to the day since it was Father’s day so we all got to sleep in a little which was nice. We started the day off by going to Arts on Main in Maboneng where we got lunch from various food vendors that were set up. Marit and I both got this really cool mix of coconut rice, some sort of sweet potato thing, and other various unknown veggies all in a lettuce bowl. It was delicious! (And really cool looking…) Afterwards we shopped around at the little shops and clothing/jewelry vendors within the building. I think we all bought something there and I got a couple things of jewelry for my friend and sister. They had some really cool and creative “wearable art” that we were all admiring for some time. We also walked along the sidewalks outside which were lined with more vendors selling a variety of stuff which mostly consisted of clothing, art, or jewelry as well as other crafts.

We then went over to Chad, Sbongenseni, and Nat’s studio, DGI Studio, and hung out with them and their friend Arthur. We talked more about printmaking and specifically their work and projects they are working on now. It was interesting to hear them talk more open and freely in their own studio as opposed to the David Krut studio about the work they do and the art politics in general. They also talked a lot about the expansion of Maboneng and the gentrification of the area. We also learned more about their backgrounds and where they come from and how they got into printmaking. It was also interesting to hear how Nat described the issues he came across with his identity and how others identified him did not necessarily match up to how he identified himself. This seems to be a common theme that we have noticed within museums and the people we have met. It was a really casual hangout and I really enjoyed how openly they discussed their lives and the issues that they come across while living here in Johannesburg.


DGI Studio

When we came back to the guesthouse that night Kitty, Lizz, and I went to eat dinner at Poppy’s café where they had live jazz music playing. The food was pretty good and the music made it even better! Another successful day in Joburg!