Day 3!

Today was another jam packed one. We started bright and early with a trip to the Origins Center at Wits University, followed by a lovely lunch at Luv Food and a stop at the David Krut studio space.

The Origins Center was pretty cool. Filled with artifacts and videos, the museum tells the story of humankind from prehistory to the present. South Africa is the birthplace of humankind and this museum makes a point of telling this story. We took an in depth look at the San People who live across Southern Africa. The exhibitions touched on their way of life, spirituality, and contemporary challenges.

After the museum visit we took a nice little stroll through Wits University. It’s a beautiful campus with many plants I had never seen before. After a few tries we were finally able to exit and head over to Luv Food. Let’s just say I loved the food at Luv Food! With options ranging from lasagna and chicken to french toast with Nutella. It was all delicious!

After lunch we headed to the David Krut studio where we met with two young printmakers Chad and Sbongiseni. We had a thorough vocabulary lesson with examples of  many of the terms mentioned. I had many questions which the guys were more than happy to answer. I learned a great deal and it was wonderful to talk to people who were extremely passionate about their work. I’m sure we could’ve gone on all evening if given the opportunity. The print shop also has gallery at the back showcasing artworks by artists the printshop collaborates with.

We stopped in the Iwasshot shop after leaving David Krut. Iwasshot is an organization that works with youth in Johannesburg. They teach the youth photography and then turn the images into different items that can be purchased like pillows and shirts. All in all it was a wonderful day!


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  1. David Kurt gallery is a great place! Thanks for sharing your experience. Interesting how often art plays a part in events throughout history.

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