June 17, 2017

Today was one of the more relaxed days that would prepare us for our upcoming days full of adventure. For starters we visited the Johannesbug Art Museum, and  witnesed, first hand, the effects the current economic state of Johannesburg was taking on the Museum itself. However, the museum still was the home to many interesting installations and pieces of art work. We then went for a stroll through downtown Johannesburg and had brunch at Eat Your Heart Out cafe (which was amazing).

After brunch we headed back out in search of a couple locations we had planned to visit but, most of the locations we went to ended up being closed temporarily. So in the midst of looking for our new destination we ran into the Bambanani Brass Band again for the second time in a row. We were immediatly hypnotized and pulled in by their melodies, I could stand there and watch/listen to them perform all day.

Later on that night we went to go see a play by the name of Isithunzi, which was a reaction to the “Reitz Four Video” in which the mother of two young men was humiliated along with a few other African women and men. The play was very powerful, and although half of it was unexpectedly in Zulu, the amazing performance by the actors made it easy to understand. After the play Isadora, Kiana, Liz and I all went out to Liquid Blue, where we met the most amazing people and had some really deep, intellectual conversations. These types of interactions continue to help us understand the everyday lives of South Africans and reveal how similar their battles are to some of the ones we fight in America.