Kruger Bound!

Today we left our beloved guest house bright and early for Kruger National Park. The drive consisted of 6 hours of driving broken up by a couple rest stops. The first couple hours we slept since we were all considerably tired from staying up late the night before hanging out with some artist friends we met here. One rest stop that had some nice quality gift shops and either a small lake or a large pond depending on how you want to look at it. It is probably the prettiest rest stop I have ever seen. Then the second half of the drive I stayed awake so I could enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and terrain that we drove though, while everyone else went back to sleep. I pestered Marit with questions about the areas we were driving through and Kruger Park logistics. Basically what I learned was that there is no fence keeping the animals inside the park and that they could potentially roam freely around people’s houses if they want. Not concerning at all…

When we finally arrived in Marloth Park, a smaller park next to Kruger in which we were staying, we were given the grand tour of our “mansion” for the next few days. The lodge we stayed in was absolutely amazing, there was an awesome lookout connected to the upstairs balcony by a bridge where we could search for animals. We actually were able to see some waterbuck the first night and a bunch of elephants a later day.

After resting for a couple hours we began cooking for a “family” dinner that we were hosting that night. We made a salad and recreated a pasta that I had at a restaurant back in Melville which consisted of pesto, tomatoes, and peppadew. The dinner was absolutely delicious as I am sure Marit and Nate can attest to, we even ate all the leftovers the next day! We ate our dinner outside while waiting to see some bush babies, which we did not get to see at all, but at least dinner was a success!

Following dinner, we learned a new form of printmaking using Styrofoam. We all chose an animal that we wanted to summon while in Kruger for our prints. I chose a warthog, Kitty used a zebra, Lizz chose an elephant, Kiana chose a giraffe, Nate used a porcupine and a hippo, and Marit chose a cheetah. Our prints must have been really good because of those animals the only one we did not have the chance to see was the cheetah. While making our prints, we tried malva pudding for dessert which is South African, and we also had some chocolate pudding as backup. Then we all crashed really hard because we had an early morning for Kruger Park!


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  1. Loved searching for all the animals in Kruger. Hope Desi said hi to the giraffes for me! And learning any form of print making is fun and such a part of The SAStory.

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