Kruger National Park pt 2

After a nice morning of sleeping in, having breakfast, and watching cartoons, we were lucky enough to go back in the park and complete our search for the “Big Five”. The “Big Five” consist of elephants, lions, cape buffalo, leopards, and rhinoceros. One of the first animals we saw once we entered was a leopard, but even though it was far away we still got to cross it off our list.

That night we had a traditional Boma dinner outside at the Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge. The food was served buffet style with the starches first and then the meat was served in a stew in a cauldron-like pot. The dinner also included a Zulu dance and song performance by the staff, where they would bring some of the audience up to dance. Kitty was lucky enough to be chosen 😉 The last surprise that was given was the option to try a Mopani Worm (a fried caterpillar). I was the first one to try it, and since it really was not that bad, I convinced Kiana to try it as well.

Once the dinner was over, Kiana, Kitty, Isadora, and I went back to our house and laid on the walkway of our lookout and watched the stars. The African sky was absolutely beautiful.