Cape Town Day 3

Today we started off our day in a township outside of Cape Town called Khayelitsha. We visited an organization called Philani, that aims at raising healthy children in the townships. The program trains already successful mothers in the community to become Mentor Mothers for other families. They also have a shop to sell items made with weaving and printmaking skills by artist Mentor Mothers. Their platform says, “To ‘intervene,’ may be defined as ‘taking part in something so as to prevent or alter a result or course of events.’ At Philani, that is exactly what we aim to do – to actively take part in the lives of women and children in the communities we serve, to actively prevent ill health during pregnancy, infancy and childhood and, as a result, actively improve the health outcomes of entire households.” The Philani building also has classrooms for childcare programs so we went to visit those after making purchases at the store and getting a tour of the area.

After visiting Philani, we drove to another township called Lwandle and visited the Migrant Labour Museum. Lwandle was founded as a site for dormitories to house male migrant workers in the 1950’s. Today, it is home to people all over Africa but the museum is there to commemorate what the area used to be. We visited Hostel 33, which is the last remaining migrant labour hostel and walked around the areas of the township that used to be apart of the migrant’s daily lives. It was very interesting to learn how these workers were treated and how the area has been preserved over the years.

Most of us fell asleep in the car on the way home because we hit heavy traffic and were tired after a long, exciting day. We stopped at the grocery store before arriving back at our apartment and then made some delicious food for dinner.